Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Family Portrait - Sept 13

So my 2 yr old is starting school tomorrow and they asked for a picture of the family for them to have in the classroom.  Now I have thousands of pictures of my family, literally! But most of them have me behind the lens, of course! So, we decided, last minute (of course) that we needed to do something about it!

So yesterday evening, we pack up the girls and drive to the nearby beach and I set up my tripod.  I of course, don't have a remote to press the shutter, so we bring along my mother in law to do us the favor of just pressing the button, which I set up to be in "high continuous shooting mode."

As you can imagine, it doesn't all go that smoothly! Now why would it? With a 2 year old and a 6 month old, what could go wrong?!? Well, they say pictures are worth a thousand words, so here you go!

Did I mention the camera was set to continuous shooting mode? In the span of 20 minutes, we got over 200 pictures (of which a handful are usable), two parents on the verge of an anxiety attack, a hungry baby and restless toddler.  All in all, it was not all in vain.  I only needed one decent shot, and that's what we got. 

And the winner is:

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