Friday, September 2, 2011

Viola and Bart's Wedding - Aug 20

Viola and Bart got married two weeks ago and I've finally had a chance to go over my favorites for this blog entry.  It's been difficult to narrow them down.

The day before and after their wedding it rained like crazy.  Then they departed on their honeymoon and we got both an earthquake and a hurricane/tropical storm in the same week!  However, their wedding day was just perfect, a day meant to be spectacular.  It seems like quite a dramatic ending to such a crazy busy summer and a perfect beginning for Viola and Bart's married life!  I give my thanks to wedding photographer extraordinaire Natalie Licini, for letting me tag along and take my own shots of the happy couple and for being such a positive energy to those around her.

Ok, enough rambling... here are some pics:

The ceremony took place at the beautiful Polish church of St Stanislaus.

Then we were off to Dumbo in Brooklyn for some beautiful shots of the happy couple!

The reception was held at The Tea House Garden (Nicotra Ballroom) at The Hilton Garden Inn Staten Island

You two are a perfect pair.  Love always, Jess

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