Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Exposición de novias en Nueva York!

Con la emoción de mi exhibición anoche, tenia que escribir este blog en español y en inglés, en parte para continuar mi proyecto de mis Miércoles en Español. :)

Anoche tuve la oportunidad de exhibir Jessica Crespo Fotografía en el Renaissance en Staten Island, Nueva York. Estoy muy contenta con la manera en que todo resultó y me pondré en contacto con las ganadoras del sorteo esta noche.  Tengo que dar las gracias desde el fondo de mi corazón a mis asistentes maravillosas, Viola y Paola por su increíble cariño y bondad.

Poner mi empresa al frente de todos nunca es fácil, pero conocer a las novias, sus damas, sus madres e incluso algunos novios fue muy divertido.  Siempre me agrada ver y escuchar acerca de los planes de las bodas.  Definitivamente estoy emocionada por muchas más oportunidades similares!

Met some lovely brides last night...

Last night I had the opportunity to exhibit Jessica Crespo Photography at The Renaissance on Staten Island, NY.  I am very happy with the way everything came together and I will be reaching out to the winners of my raffle today.  I have to say a great huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to my wonderful support system, especially to the amazing Viola and Paola for their love and kindness.

Putting one self out there is never easy but meeting the brides, their bridal parties, their moms and even a few grooms was so much fun.  It's always great to get to see and hear about how far along everyone is in their wedding planning.  I'm definitely looking forward to many more similar opportunities!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Why I love engagement sessions!

Happy Monday everyone!  I want to take a moment and share with you some of the benefits of engagement sessions.  Some couples fear engagement sessions because they are looking to save some money or because they may be camera shy. It's natural to feel a little bit nervous about being photographed over a long time period in a public setting by a professional photographer. 

However, having me photograph you and your fiancé before the wedding is one of the best ways of getting us to know one another.  It's the perfect opportunity for you to become comfortable being in front of my camera and for me to learn about your personalities and the things that make you tick.  Understanding these things help me to be in sync with your emotions on your wedding day.

You will learn more about my "style" and my personality, and this will help everything run smoothly on your wedding day.  You will get to see your engagement pictures before the wedding and let me know if there is something that you absolutely love or if there is anything that bothers you.  This way, I can use that information on your big day and make your images even better.

This entire process, allows me to create better wedding day photographs and that is why I include engagement sessions in all my bridal collections.  However, if you are still not convinced, please feel free to give me a call and we can chat about your concerns.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

St Paddy's Day 5K 2012

I finally got Derek to run his first 5K with me today!  We ran the St Paddy's Day 5K organized by the Staten Island Athletic Club (SIAC) at Wolfe's Pond Park. This is a great race to kick off the spring running season.

I love this race.  Two years ago I ran this race for the first time when Nicole was just 9 months old. Derek babysat while I did so. Last year I had to sit out this race because Maya had just been born and today it was really special to be able to enjoy this run with my husband. We definitely could have used more training but we did the best that we could and Derek kicked my butt. I'm so proud of him.

Now the St Paddy's Day Run will go down is history as the first 5K for both of us.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Como se dice “blog” en español?

Desde hace mucho he tenido las ganas de escribir un blog en español, pero como hacerlo? No tengo la menor idea.  Que desean saber mis lectores de habla hispana? Que deseo comunicar? Solo el tiempo lo dirá.

Por un lado, esto va ha ser un ejercicio para que yo pueda practicar.  Estoy emocionada porque espero dedicar mis miércoles de hoy en adelante al "blog" en español.  No es tan fácil para mí ya que son años desde que he escrito libremente en este lenguaje.  Hablar y leer son mucho mas fáciles que escribir, así que espero que me comuniquen mis faltas de ortografía, de gramática, de todo. No se preocupen, no me ofendo a menudo :-)

Los dejo aquí con una fotito de mi último viaje a Ecuador el mes pasado... el mercado de frutas de Azogues me trae muchos recuerdos de mi niñez, talvez uno de los motivos por los cuales se ha reanudado mi deseo por preservar o mejorar mi segundo lenguaje.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's not where you go, it's how long you stay there.

I would not trade a day like today for anything. Spring is in the air and with the exception of a few runny noses, everyone is healthy. The best thing is that we get to be outside again without being completely bundled up. Maya is walking now, albeit wobbly. Nicole is starting potty training. Derek's birthday is coming up this April and I'm, well, just enjoying it all. With this weather, I can't help but be in a good mood.

The other day I was watching "Project Runway All Stars After the Runway" and I heard designer Anthony William say this about being depressed: "It's not where you go, it's how long you stay there.  It's ok to be depressed sometimes, because it's gonna happen but don't stay in that place where you become a depressed person. Your gifts will truly make room for you."  

This really hit home with me because like everyone else, I also have my bad days, days when I doubt myself, when I'm tired, sleep deprived and just feel like nothing is going right.  However, I have found that the important thing is to first acknowledge what I'm feeling, without trying to ignore it or be dismissive.  And when I do that, I immediately start to feel better.  Of course if doesn't  hurt to have these lovely beauties always by my side.

When I get into one of my moods, I take a step back, take a deep breath and appreciate the beauty and gifts in my life.  I have to always remember to live in the "now"!  Happy Saturday!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

This time last year...

As I prepare along with my family for my baby Maya's first birthday party, I think back to this time last year when I was pregnant and a few days away from holding her in my arms.  This had been a very difficult pregnancy during a very cold winter.  I was in constant pain and running around after a 1.5 year old did not help matters.

However, with photography being so important to me, I knew I wanted to document this important time in our lives.  So around this time last year, I got Derek, Nicole and myself all dolled up and we headed off to see my photographer friend Patricia Goya for some portraits.  My makeup was done by the fabulous Justyna Kszton.

Does this count as our official first family portrait with the 4 of us?
Maya, we are so happy you are in our lives.  I love you my darling!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Engagement Session Giveaway!

My husband is putting my little girl to sleep and I am taking this rare quiet time to myself to think and write a little bit.  Raising two little girls and running my own business is my dream come true, but boy, am I exhausted at the end of the day... and wait, it's only 8:30pm and I'm in my pajamas ready to pass out!

I'm so excited that spring is in the air and that the weather is starting to warm up.  Time to get back to my jogging. I'm trying to get the mommies on my block to join me.

At the same time I'm gearing up to exhibit at the upcoming Bridal Fashion Show
A Bridal Affair to Remember at The Renaissance on Staten Island.  Jessica Crespo Photography will be there on March 27th ready to meet you and answer any questions that you might have.

It's going to be a great evening.  We will be giving away a FREE ENGAGEMENT SESSION - no strings attached.  Every bride and groom deserves a fun photoshoot with a professional photographer and I would love to be able to gift that to you.  Please stop by our booth and say hi!  I'd love to hear all about your special day.

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