Friday, January 25, 2013

Cristine + Paul : Wedding at Doolan's Shore Club at the Jersey Shore

As I sit down to bring you this blog post of Cristine and Paul's summer wedding, one word really jumps out at me: F U N!!

It was such a pleasure to be a witness of such an incredible, laid back and fun couple on their wedding day by the Jersey Shore.  Cristine picked vibrant red to match their dynamic personalities and as the day progressed it was quite evident that their bridal party and their families were just as fun.

They wed at the Doolan's Shore Club in Spring Lake Heights surrounded by their friends and loved ones.  She was beaming walking down the isle with her father and as Cristine and Paul said their vows, we all had tears in our eyes.

We took some fun pictures by Spring Lake at beautiful little park right next to the Parish of St. Catharine - St. Margaret.  And a few blocks away, I also discovered that there was an enchanting bed and breakfast called The Ocean House Bed and Breakfast Hotel that I can't wait to go back and visit someday.  But, I digress... here are some of my favorites from the park.

This little darling has my vote for cutest flower girl of the summer!

Never a dull moment with these guys! Loved it!

And almost literally, the icing on the cake was the reception at Doolan's Shore Club.  The guests really brought down the house as everyone was on that dance floor, from youngest to oldest.

And is it a wonder I love this job, when in comes a special surprise performance by this gorgeous belly dancer!  Man, did she have some moves!! It was a blast to photograph!

In all seriousness, Cristine and Paul, this wedding was rockin' from beginning to end and I wish you all the best.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Mini Makeover

I'm pretty sure every lady out there knows what it feels like when you need to get a little makeover.  This was the case with me this week so I called Avanti Hair Salon and made an appointment. (Why they don't have a website is a little confusing to me, but I've always had a good experience there!)

It was my first time having Amy do my hair and she was very sweet.  She listened to what I wanted to have done and then asked what had I done to my hair. Now maybe I should be a little embarrassed to admit that the last time I was a the hair salon was probably a year ago... and in that time, boy, had I played with color... the "do it yourself" way! And so my hair was a result of at least three different colors, one on top of another!  I of course don't recommend doing this unless you know what you are doing.  My hair happens to take color relatively well and I unfortunately, I'm not too picky!

Anyway, being the pro she is, Amy got my hair from a dull redish copper color back to my natural brown color and added some rocking highlights.  I was so thrilled, I decided to give myself a mini photoshoot to compare my before and after looks.

For my photography friends (or photografiends), it was also the perfect opportunity to try out my new wireless shutter release (Phottix Strato II Multi).  It's main purpose, I suppose is as a wireless flash trigger but it also has the shutter release function that I love.  It's relatively inexpensive and I highly recommend it if you are comfortable using your flash in manual mode.

So enough rambling, here are the results of my mini photo shoot!

The Before: a picture with my grandma from two weeks ago...

And After...

Love me some beautiful natural window light!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

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