Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year, Renewed Inspiration

The new year has brought wonderful new inspiration!
A week ago, I had the fantastic opportunity to participate in an intensive photography workshop at Casa Belvedere.  It was extraordinary to learn from three award winning photographers, Natalie LiciniNeil van Niekerk and Jennifer Rozenbaum.  It was also great to connect with other local talented professionals.
I had spent the past few months reflecting on my photography journey and this workshop was just what I needed.  The more I educate myself, the more I discover the value of photography as a powerful tool to showcase the beauty I see in the world around me.  My goal is always to evoke emotion and to communicate thru my images.
In this workshop we had the opportunity photograph boudoir, bridal couples and families.  It was an action filled day but tremendously worth it.  Here are some more of my favorite images from the day!


  1. Amazing photos Jessica! The one with the mini-vaulted cathedral ceiling shows interesting perspective: In the b&w one, simply because she is on her knees, it looks like the ceiling is far from the model's reach. In the color one immediately after that one, she obviously can touch that same ceiling.

  2. Thanks Josh! It was a great experience. It's definitely interesting how a slightly different perspective can influence the same situation.


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