Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Website Launch

What a fantastic way to end 2010 and begin 2011!  With the help of my genius brother, my website is up and running.  I'm so happy to have a place to showcase my work and can't wait to add more images.

My mind is racing as to what to do next.  Right now I'm setting up more photoshoots for next month and working out details and logistics.  Can't wait to just start shooting which is of course my favorite part.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Brooklyn Photoshoot

It has been a very exciting couple of months as I continue to advance in my photography!  I have met some wonderful people with similar interests with whom to share ideas and experiences and consider myself to be very fortunate.

On Nov 6, myself along with two fellow photographers held a fantastic photoshoot at the Forgotten Works Studio in Brooklyn.  We were lucky to have four wonderful models, a designer, a MUA, a hair stylist and two fashion stylists come together for a very creative and high energy day.  It was a lot of hard work but we barely noticed because we were all having so much fun.   A special thanks to Inna, Folana, Klara, Lisa, Yana, Kristin, Justyna, Brittany, Barbara, Kamilah, Kim and of course Adam Courtney.  You can check out more images of the shoot in my gallery.

I'm looking forward to many more opportunities to work together!
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