Thursday, April 5, 2012

Using available light to be creative

Yesterday, I asked on Facebook if anyone could identify what this was a picture of?

I got a couple of responses. One person said it was "The djs booth with led lights being sprayed around".  Another said it was, "A long exposure of glow in the dark bands". Both very good guesses!

What was it in reality?  It was the Midtown Men, performing at the St. George Theatre in Staten Island this past Sunday.

I was enjoying the show, when I decided to "play" with my camera and the cool effects you can obtain when you play with your camera settings and use only available light.  Here are some other shots that I truly enjoyed creating.

I highly recommend going to see them and also visiting this beautiful theater.  And as far as creating unique images, never stop experimenting and pushing yourself to see what you can achieve in any situation.

Have a Happy Thursday!!

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