Monday, April 23, 2012

Kid's Trail Adventure

This weekend was such a delight to be able to photograph the Kids' 1 Mile Trail Adventure at Staten Island's Willowbrook Park.  This race had some fun challenges for the runners and was part of the Second Annual SIAC's Firefighter Greg Buck Scholarship Trail Festival.

After the 1 mile run, us older runners, were able to participate in a 5K and 10K that went thru the woods and proved to be more challenging than I expected, but totally fun.

The kids took off with so much excitement and kept up the great energy for the entire mile run.

Through the woods, under a net, and past a balance beam, were some of the challenges these little runners had to go maneuver thru.

And for the grand finally, there was some fantastic jumping!

All in all it was a fantastic way to spend a Saturday morning and it was great preparation for next weekend when I plan on photographing the High Rock Challenge, which will start at the Greenbelt Recreation Center.  I'm so happy it's nice out again :-)

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