Thursday, August 29, 2013

Introducing boudoir in my life

I have to say that, so far, this year has been an amazing period of growth for both my photography and my confidence as an artist.  Until somewhat recently, I had focussed mainly on wedding photography and thanks to my amazing and talented photographer friend and mentor Natalie Licini, I have discovered a love for boudoir photography that was somewhat unexpected.  And so, I have been very busy collaborating with Natalie at her fabulous studio Je Revele Fine Art Photography in NJ.  I absolutely love "working" there, lol!

There is something so powerful about boudoir photography that I identify with.  I believe it's the fact that I can see the transformation in a woman's heart as she allows herself to be sexy and beautiful for herself and no one else.  Of course, many ladies choose to share the resulting images with their significant others, but the actual moment of being photographed and feeling amazing in front of the camera is something quite unique and extraordinary.  I enjoy the fact that clients quickly feel at ease with me as they get to know me in such a way that their true personalities can shine thru despite the fact that they may feel self conscious at first.

Here are some images of a session I did last month with Jamie in Staten Island, NY - a beautiful woman inside and out.  I totally loved her energy!  Special thanks to Michelle Ernest for the fabulous job on the make up, spectacular as always!

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