Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Vanessa + Peder : Brooklyn Engagement

I have the pleasure of bringing you Vanessa and Peder's engagement session in Dumbo today.

I immediately felt drawn to these two for some reason. Maybe it was because like me and my husband, they are also from different cultures.  She's Columbian and he's Norwegian and Italian.  I'm from Ecuador and my husband is from Poland.  However, unlike me and my husband who grew up in separate continents, they grew up just a short distance from each other in Brooklyn, NY and were high school sweethearts. After college, she left for the California to pursue her PhD and he of course, followed.  *sigh*

Vanessa truly impressed me by her ability to plan a fantastic wedding from across the country! And because of their busy schedules and distance, we were able to meet up for their engagement session until just a week before their wedding.  

They are such a fabulously sweet couple that was a little camera shy at first.  However, they quickly forgot I was even there. It was as if having the opportunity to step away from the wedding planning stress for just one afternoon allowed them to relax and enjoy being together.  

Nothing more romantic than a sunset stroll by the water with amazing NYC views.

Almost literally, "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass" (DUMBO). Vanessa, you know how to strike that pose! Love it!

Peder did not hesitate one bit, when I asked if Vanessa was ticklish!

Thank you Vanessa and Peder for making me a part of such a beautiful event in your lives. Can't wait to share your wedding images as well!

For more on Vanessa and Peder check out:

P.S. Feel free to leave Vanessa and Peder some loving in the comments section below.  10 comments or more and they will receive a complimentary gift!


  1. Love the pictures! My favorite is the one of you two on the park bench :) Congrats again! - Dana

  2. The way you two look at each other says so much for your love. Congratulations! ::tear::


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