Saturday, July 14, 2012

NYC Wedding: Alessia + Mara

Meet Alessia and Mara!  They traveled over 4,000 miles to come from the Ravenna province of Italy to Times Square, New York City to fulfill their dream to wed.  And what a beautiful, loving and playful couple they are!

Unfortunately, their friends and family were not able to travel along with them, so Alessia and Mara not only chose the most public and colorful place they could think of, Times Square, but they also created flyers and favors to give away to people they met here in New York in honor of their wedding.  And as we walked thru the streets of Manhattan, New Yorkers, and tourists alike, did not disappoint as they congratulated the happy couple, asked for pictures and were just happy for this beautiful couple.  

Quite detail oriented, Alessia and Mara, also brought along a representation of their adorable dog to be the ring bearer.  In addition, Mara wore a fabulous necklace made by Alessia from an old vinyl disc.  It was little details like these all throughout the day, that just continued to enhance the day more and more.

It was such an honor to spend time with them and to witness such a magical experience.  Even though not everything went according to plan, they didn't let anything stand in the way of their perfect day. I mean, looking at their images and their joy, I completely forgot that it was almost 110 degrees that day!!!  It was also such a pleasure to meet Rev. Samora Smith from Common Ground Ceremonies who performed a very moving ceremony in Italian for the two of them!

And then we headed for Coney Island just in time to see the sunset.

I told you they were playful! :)

And of course, you don't travel 4,000 miles for your wedding and then not drive around in style, so Alessia and Mara rented a Dodge Challenger RT Hemi for the special occasion.  From Coney Island, we headed back to Manhattan with a stop in Dumbo for dinner and a romantic stroll under the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was definitely a day to remember!


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